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 THE WORD "CHAPTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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THE WORD "CHAPTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: THE WORD "CHAPTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THE WORD "CHAPTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptyThu Feb 21, 2008 1:44 am

Its really funny to hear..but those who use the word in their websites seems really delighted about it.I wonder if it’s the level of education they haave gained or else id it’s the language level of students in a highly educated community!!! There is no other word else than “foolishness” to describe these people who use this word!!!!
I hope it’s a must for those who know things to make it clear to those who don’t..I am not telling that I’m the perfect person who knows everything. And I do hope that the “foolish” people will not take the wrong meaning of this too
Hey guys! The word “chapter” means, a new section, a new period, a new stage or a new part. but how could it be use to mean an article giving information…So its really funny that some of us writes as follows bold in their websites “ WE ARE ISSUING NEW CHAPTER SOON” What does that actually means.. Guys use good English.... if you can’t afford good English then plx avoid your selves ..So don’t be so fake!!!!Live in a real world!!
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THE WORD "CHAPTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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